Hypersonic Token structure

Token Features

Total Supply: 1,000,000 HYPERSONIC

Automatic Liquidity Supply

A project without automated liquidity supply is liable to die young. This is the reason some percentage of every transaction is dedicated to sending tokens BNBs and HyperSonic into the Liquidity Pool.
A constant flow of liquidity back into the pool helps to keep the price impact healthy and provide support for active trading of the token.
On every transaction, the contract sends 1% of the transaction amount to the liquidity pool in BNB - Hypersonic pair.

Auto Transactional Burn

Hypersonic Finance is perhaps the first token to implement this feature at this rate.
If we burn on every transaction, then we would be able to diminish the total token supply significantly in a short period of time, hence increasing the value of a token.
For every transaction (buy/sell), there is a 1% burn fee sent to the burn address.
If there are 1000 transactions (buy / sell / transfer) in the contract, then there would be 1000 transactions sending to the burn address, that is one for each.

SSN Rewards

Supersonic Finance token is to Supersonic ecosystem what BNB is to the Binance Smart Chain. All products by Supersonic Finance would require SSN token to validate and sign transactions where necessary.
Rewards for holding Hypersonic are given in SSN tokens. The standard fee for reward is 3%. Hence, the transaction fees are converted to SSN and returned to the reward pool where tokens are distributed to holders in the percentage of their total holdings.
Tokens are rewarded every 6 hours. The contract sends tokens to the dividend pool for the rewards of active holders.

Special Functions

  • Anti Snipe function (limit to 5k usd equivalent)
  • First 24 hours buying without tax
  • First 24 hours max per wallet (5,000 tokens)
  • First 24 hours buy tax-free
Fee structure
Buy fee
Sell fee
Transfer fee