Ecosystem Products

1. SaleX Launchpad

Hundreds of token projects launch each day on the blockchain (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon etc.). Supersonic aims to provide these projects an opportunity to raise funds through pre-sale to kickstart trading on an exchange.
We do this by providing a user experience and ease of utility first launchpad with a suite of cost cutting and profit generating features and resources for project owners.
Our flagship and ecosystem lead product, SaleX, is a decentralised community based multichain project launchpad developed to encourage nascent crypto enthusiasts and provide an opportunity to help see their project ideas be actualized in literal MINUTES.

2. SwapX Exchange

Multi-chain and cross chain products are important as people tend to scale towards products that offer this freedom of moving thier assets over multiple blockchain networks. The SwapX Exchange is scheduled to be released after the SaleX launchpad. It is a multi-chain decentralized exchange built on ethereum, Binance smart chain, and Polygon network.

3. XChart Token Tracker

A multi-chain token tracking platform built on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon network allowing smooth, easy and understandable view of the chart. This would be released after the completion of the SwapX Exchange.
4. NFTx Marketplace
NFTx is a decentralized marketplace built on the blockchain for the sales of digital collectibles. NFTx will add value to the SSN token as it will be used for transactions on the marketplace. Users will be able to buy and sell NFTs ranging from arts, music, to any other item that can be digitized and acceptable on the platform.
5. xBET
xBET is a DeFi sports betting platform accessible to everyone around the world built on the blockchain. Payments will be made using multiple acceptable tokens on the xBET platform and not constrained to one currency like non-blockchain betting platforms. The xBET will offer odds using a smart contract process which will accurately place and update odds offered on the platform.
xLOTTO is a decentralized lottery platform built on the blockchain which will offer unique rewards for drawn up numbers and figures. The idea is to build a formida- ble entertainment platform for off-chain blockchain lovers to enjoy a smarter and uncompromising platform integrated with the key features on the blockchain and executed using smart contracts.
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